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Police say they are investigating an officer for the alleged beating of an unarmed suspect during an arrest last week in Boyle Heights, after a video of the incident surfaced on social media on Monday.

The video, posted on social media, shows the suspect being held against a fence by two LAPD officers. After a brief verbal altercation, the video shows one of the officers repeatedly punching the suspect.

Warning: video contains profanity and violence:

After the brief physical altercation, the video shows an LAPD squad car show to the scene. Two other officers get out of the car and help put the suspect in handcuffs.

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A statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department said the incident occurred April 27 when the two Hollenbeck division officers responded to a radio call about a trespassing suspect on the 2400 block of Houston Street

“At that location the two officers made contact with a male trespass suspect and directed him to leave the private property,” the statement said. “During the course of the investigation a physical altercation occurred between the suspect and one of the officers, resulting in the officer receiving minor injuries to his hand. The suspect had abrasions to his head and face but refused medical attention.”

The statement went on to say that a supervisor called to the scene to begin a preliminary use of force investigation was able to review the video provided by a community member. After reviewing the cell phone video and the officer’s own bodycam video, the supervisor notified his commanding officer and “investigators of the Internal Affairs Group responded to conduct a personnel complaint investigation.”

A review of the video shows the incident occurred near the entrance to the Church of God of the Prophecy church, located at 2466 Houston Street, near North Fickett Street. Boyle Heights Beat has been unable to verify the identity of a man claiming to be the suspect on the video on a Facebook post.

The suspect was released from custody from Hollenbeck station pending further investigation and the involved officer has been assigned to home duty. The LAPD statement said that under the direction of the Police Chief, the unnamed officer will be investigated by the department’s Force Investigation Division.

On Tuesday afternoon, LAPD chief Michel Moore released a statement in response to social media outcry over the Boyle Heights incident. While not addressing the local case specifically, the statement read in part: “I intend to… hold individuals accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with the high standards [of the LAPD].”

This post was updated at 12:40 pm to clarify where video was originally posted and again at 1:39 to add statement by police chief. The post will be updated as story develops.


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    Let me start by saying that I am 45 years old and have lived in Boyle Heights my entire life, I’m not a gang member I don’t go around stealing or anything like that but I still get stereotyped by most of these power tripping cops.Last week I was on my bike when I noticed a poster on a light pole and it said “Fire L.A.P.D officer Frank Hernandez”and the reason it caught my attention was because I have been harassed by the L.A.P.D so many times that it makes me wonder what really happens to these “Gangsters with badges”after everyone stops talking about it.This is how I see it these days,I worry more about being killed by these so called cops than actual gangmembers especially after finding out the true story about an officer involved shooting that happened around Pecan Park not too long ago.From what I heard was that the cops seen a known gang member and instead of telling the guy to stop and put his hands on his head or whatever their procedure is they took it to a whole different level by rolling up on him in an unmarked cop car and asking him”Where he was from”so the gangmember thought that it was a rival gang so that’s why he shot at them.Even though I grew up with a lot of cholos and some became very good friends of mine most of them are cowards when they are by themselves but like I said that could easily be me.I understand that being a cop in Boyle Heights is hard but that doesn’t give them absolutely no reason for doing what they do and sweeping it under the rug.Excuse my language but FUCK THE LOS ANGELES PIG DEPARTMENT!!!!

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    Are you kidding me?! When are officers going to learn to stop taking the laws into there hands. Stop bullying people. I guess some police officers did not take the George Floyd
    death seriously. Fire them on the spot. We need nice, understandable, patient police officers. Stop the abuse!! We don’t need another riot…We need peace.. We need the love of God to be with us.


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