Erick Huerta at Ciclavia 2011 with the Dream Act Riders. Courtesty of


As I walk through the streets of Boyle heights

Amaterasu, the sun goddess wetting my back

Passing nopales, raspados and guayava trees

Following the paths set before me by the vatos locos of yesteryear

Their furniture still out on the street corner

I can feel the tread on my huaraches starting to give out, along with my faith in the people of the sun

I am the samurai that smells of chorizo

I have lived a 1,000 lives and fought a 1,000 duels

The flash of the blades determining my death style

There’s no turning back from meifumado

The path of the demon seeking vengeance

26 winters old, living in the shadows of tress

Adapting to the changing lands and it’s dictators

Staring at a colorless sky

I never did learn karate but I do know madrazos

My sword

Always at my side

I use it to flip my tortillas when the comal gets too hot

The winds of destiny howling from the bowls of hell

Our blue moon is coming to an end

The choice between dying on your feet or living on your knees no longer yours

You can still hear the sounds of battle cry

Because in Boyle Heights

Some live and some die

For that is the way of the Xikano Samurai

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