Wendy Aguayo, 37, 4 children---“I see that my kids look up to me, they idolize what I do and I really respect that. They want to follow my footsteps and that feels really good; they want to go to college. They see that I work, they see that I’m very involved with the community and they’re doing the same.”

On the eve of Mother’s Day (for many Latinos living in Los Angeles), a group of mothers from Murchison Elementary Street School in Ramona Gardens spoke about what it feels to be a mother. Some of them are young women with children on their way to college as well as in grade school. Others have already seen their children grow up and are now raising their grandchildren.

Most of them agree on how wonderful it is to have children, and even though each one has had a different experience with their own mothers, all of them admit that the relationship has been crucial in the way they treat their children. The women also spoke to Boyle Heights Beat about how motherhood has impacted their lives and what dreams they have for their children.

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