Paramedics arrive at Food 4 Less. Photo by Jessica Perez.


A woman was shot in the leg tonight at the Food 4 Less grocery store at 2750 First St. in Boyle Heights.  LAPD reports that four people entered the store at 8:40 p.m. and shot the woman.

Paramedics responded just before 9 p.m. and took the victim to the Los Angeles County Hospital where she is in stable condition, according to an officer at the Hollenbeck Community Police Station. She is expected to recover.

An LAPD member saw the suspects’ vehicle as they fled the scene. With a description and partial license plate number, police stopped the vehicle on Hicks Avenue, about two and a half miles north of the incident. Two males and two females got out of the car and ran, but all four were apprehended and are now in custody.

LAPD has not yet released the names of the victim or suspects. The cause of the incident is unknown.

UPDATE 11/21 9:45 a.m.:  The police now believe it was a gang-related incident, and that the suspected gunman was the victim’s ex-boyfriend. His new girlfriend allegedly got in a fight with the victim inside the store before the boyfriend shot multiple shots. After they fled the store, the victim was able to describe her ex-boyfriend’s car so police could catch them.

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Location of shooting at Food 4 Less. Map courtesy of Google.

21 Responses

  1. Alfonso

    I think they chased the suspects vehicle to 1st & Hicks. The helicopter just leave, circled the area for about a hour.

  2. jesus hermosillo

    Ban guns! Ban guns!

    The world is too crazy with guns.

    And yes, this is my store too, which is why i’m especially alarmed to hear of this.

  3. Javier Mercado

    Banning guns is useless. Do you really think criminals get guns legally? LOL. That would leave civilians worse off, because then only criminals would have access to guns.

    • jesus hermosillo

      Javier, where would the criminals get guns or ammunition if the US stops producing them? What other country nearby manufactures them? None.

      • Mr J

        Mexico,canada,Cuba(90milesaway),Puerto Rico, ETC, You dont have to have or own a weapon, But there some or most of us that a right and will always one one, two, three

      • Javier Mercado

        A lot of places. Including the US, even if they did stop manufacturing them. A gun ban will not hurt criminals at all, if anything, it would just fund and perpetuate their black market.

  4. lisa Marie

    I got there around 930pm and one of the workers there told me that they were closed for the night. He couldn’t tell me why… All I wanted was cereal.

  5. Art

    This is one of the main reasons why people are afraid, and think bad of this community. I love my childhood home, but people like that are just gross, and make this community miserable. Banning guns won’t do any good, I think the black market has more guns than retailers. On a side note, guns don’t scare me at all, but Idiots who carry guns do. What a shame.

  6. Mago

    Boyle Heights has had a great reduction in crime these past couple of years, this appears to be a domestic situation and unfortunately can’t predict them. This was an isolated incident and we should all feel safe in Boyle Heights but also always be aware of our surroundings and prepared for the unexpected should we be faced with it. I agree with people that having stronger gun controls won’t solve the problem of cirminals getting hold of guns, they don’t get them legally anyways. I invite you all to attend our monthly Community Police Adivory Board meetings at Hollenbeck where you can get up to date crime stats from Captain Ortega and specific updates from your area Senior Lead Officer. Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm sharp at Hollenbeck PD. 2111 E. First Street. No meeting in December. To request email notifications call Officer Macklin at 323-342-4144 or Sgt. Nguyen at 323-342-4130.

  7. jesus hermosillo

    Well, I favor banning guns because gun experts–even those who don’t support gun control–agree that if guns were banned, and the US stopped producing them, then guns would become rare and hard to come by. This means that even criminals would have a hard time finding any to buy on the black market (or even bullets for their guns). No other country in the world produces as many personal-use guns as the US, and it would be pretty hard to smuggle them from Russia or Israel (also important producers of small guns).

    • jesus hermosillo

      Oh, and countries with tough gun laws have extremely low rates of gun-related deaths or injuries.

      • jesus hermosillo

        (Which means they have much, much lower homicide rates in general than the US, since killing with knives is possible but more difficult.)

      • Mr J

        False, Look at Mexico guns are banned and has one of the highest crime rates in the world,

  8. esoto

    Thinking that banning firearms is going to solve any problems is preposterous. Look around and you’ll notice that a lot of the things this country considers illegal are still around. Banning firearms and ammunition would only force people to attain them in shady ways, putting people in even greater danger. I was born and raised in Boyle Heights, my family has gone hunting for decades and use the weapons for sport. So you see not everyone in Boyle Heights that has a gun is going out and shooting folks.

    Mexico has a gun ban and look at them.

    • Monteon

      All of Mexico’s weapons are produced in and smuggled from the US. The US is the source of *nearly all* personal firearms in all of the Americas. And, unlike drugs, it would be very difficult for the illegal manufacture of weapons to happen in the US if it were banned.

      But I see your point about hunting weapons. You don’t need small, personal guns for that. Many countries with very tough gun control actually do permit the sale of shotguns used in hunting—-these are cool because they can’t be hidden in your pants as you walk around the city.


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