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Photos by Abraham Martinez
College Track and the i.am.angel foundation will unveil a new state-of-the-art after school facility Tuesday in the new Boyle Heights City Hall, located in the former Chicago Plaza building.

More than 400 invited guests are expected to attend the 5:30 p.m. event, including will.i.am, College Track co-founder Laurene Powell Jobs, as well as students and parents.

Will.i.am, President and founder of the i.am.angel foundation partnered with College Track to bring the program to Roosevelt High School last year.

At i.am.College Track, more than 100 Roosevelt students receive academic and mentoring support beginning in their freshman year of high school through their college graduation.

Students in the program can participate in learning opportunities such as Chinese language and culture, robotics, photography, songwriting, Chicano studies, and other advanced studies.

Will.i.am says he was inspired to bring College Track to his hometown of Boyle Heights because of the need to change the culture of education. Now he says i.am College Track scholars are “showing the world what can be achieved when you combine inspiration with opportunity.”

The free program is funded with support of the i.am.angel foundation, the California Endowment, and Chase. Initially housed in portable buildings on the Roosevelt campus, the program now has a new home in the completely renovated third floor of the Boyle Heights City Hall, at 2130 East 1st Street.

Councilman Jose Huizar said he welcomes i.am.College Track to the newly opened Boyle Heights City Hall. “Our goal is to make sure this City Hall serves all the needs of the community, and I can think of no greater need than empowering our youth to aspire to and work toward a college education.”

College Track is a national college completion program aimed at empowering students from underserved communities to complete a college degree. The Boyle Heights program is the 6th site to be opened by the non-profit. It also operates programs in East Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, New Orleans and Colorado and serves more than 1,600 students across the country.

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