Cindy Ottenson, candidate for City Council District 14, being interviewed by Boyle Heights Beat reporter Noemí Pedraza. Photo by Andy García.

The Boyle Heights Beat team is looking at the various issues surrounding the upcoming March 3 elections, particularly the hotly-contested race for Los Angeles City Council District 14, and the presidential primaries. These are their stories.

Latest stories

‘Tío Bernie’ goes after Latino vote in Boyle Heights

Sanders is expected to lead in the California primary among the largest ethnic group voting in 2020

Photo by Pablo de la Hoya.

CD 14 candidates take on Boyle Heights issues

The three women and two men who made the March 3 ballot attended a forum at Méndez High School

CD 14 candidates one on one

Our team has interviewed all of the qualified candidates for CD 14. Here are their stories:

Maria Janossy: candidate for CD14

The immigration attorney is not on the March 3 ballot but is campaigning for write-in votes

John Jiménez: candidate for CD14

The retired Boyle Heights native talks about his plans for cleaning up City Hall and improving the district

Photo by Andy García.

Cyndi Ottenson: Candidate for CD14

The businesswoman, activist and Eagle Rock resident addresses issues that affect Boyle Heights and surrounding communities

Photo by Jacqueline Ramírez

Raquel Zamora: Candidate for CD14

The Boyle Heights native and resident talks about the issues that brought her to the city council race

Photo by Jacqueline Ramírez.
Photo by Jacqueline Ramírez.

Mónica García and Kevin de León: two candidates for CD14

The leading contenders to replace José Huízar talk to BHB about what they would bring to Boyle Heights

General Election

Photo by Jonathan Olivares

The March 3 election: who, what and where

New laws bring changes to how Boyle Heights residents will pick a new councilmember –and a new president