Image from CBS2 News
Image from CBS2 News

Two people were killed Saturday night after a suspected drunk driver who was being pursued by California Highway Patrol officers plowed into a taco truck in Boyle Heights.

The driver, identified as 37-year-old Elba Jimenez, led CHP officers on a pursuit after she was seen weaving in and out of the 10 Freeway at about 11:20 p.m., reports CBS2 News.

The suspect continued onto the 5 Freeway where she sped down an offramp and crashed into customers of a taco truck in the parking lot of Lucy’s Laundry on Cesar Chavez Avenue and Britannia Street.

The collision killed 19-year-old Marlene Alatorre and 38-year-old Claudia Fernandez, and injured three others who were sitting inside the truck that towed the taco truck. Alatorre leaves behind a year old daughter and Fernandez was a mother of four.

By Sunday, the scene was adorned with balloons, posters, candles and stuffed animals in memory of the victims.

Boyle Heights resident Richard Martell, 21, was shocked when he heard about Saturday’s tragedy. As a frequent customer of taco trucks, he says he never thought street food vendors and their customers were so accessible to these kinds of accidents. However, he believes, “It was just an accident and it was lucky that they were right across the street from a fire station.”

Jimenez was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI but is expected to face more serious charges.

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