Guadalupe Homeless Project

Hoping to bring warmth and holiday cheer to the less fortunate, the Guadalupe Homeless Project will give away new jackets, socks and other cold weather items this Christmas Eve.

The Homeless Jacket Drive, a program of the nonprofit organization Proyecto Pastoral, culminates today with a special Christmas dinner where the homeless will receive donated goods.

The drive is a result of a call for donations from the parishioners of Dolores Mission and the community it serves.

“Our goal was to provide a jacket for each individual,” program director Raquel Roman said. “The community has responded by meeting this goal.”

In addition to jackets and socks, the GHP will distribute other basic needs such as toiletries, gloves, beanies and other items.

The Guadalupe Homeless Project has been helping homeless men in Boyle Heights for the past 25 years. The program provides the homeless with food, clothing and shelter for up to 90 days. It is the only homeless men’s shelter in the community.

“We help those that do not have a home or suitable place to live,” Roman said.

The GHP does not refuse to provide assistance to any person seeking help, and it does not require identification to receive services. Roman says many of its clients are recent immigrants looking for employment and a fresh start.

The Guadalupe Homeless Project also provides medical services, educational seminars, job and housing referrals, and savings management help. Most clients are referred from other shelters, or by word of mouth.

While most donated goods come directly from the community, other businesses and organizations such as Bank of America, have donated to the cause.

Gus Ugalde

Gus Ugalde is a print journalist and Boyle Heights native. He is a graduate of both Salesian High School and East Los Angeles College. With writing as his passion, he has had over 500 stories published...

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