Photo essay by Armando Lazaro part of Boyle Heights Beat Summer 22 photo workshop.

Photo Essay by Armando Lázaro

The murals in the following photos are mostly from The Arts District near Downtown LA between the Los Angeles River and the 101 Freeway. 

I think these murals have a deep meaning within how we view the world in a certain way. These murals have really caught my eye because they have different elements that really impact the person viewing the photo. However, the Arts District is a community that focuses on art, music, and entertainment which makes it very diverse. 

I chose to take pictures of murals because of the history shown, the details painted by the artist and how unique each of the murals is. However, another reason I chose to take pictures of murals is that I have a huge passion when it comes to the arts. 

I took this challenge to demonstrate my potential to try a new skill. I think for upcoming  new photographers I would recommend taking pictures on what you love or something that is important to you.

This mural is called “Christina and Fanakapan” which are two artists that collaborate on their works. However, this mural is consistent with hyperrealism which is an element of art that is very popular to this day. This mural is located on Merrick Street intersecting two streets. The meaning of this mural is that all identities can have bonds.

This mural is called “Undiscovered America” by Earth Crew and was created in the year 1992. However, by the year 2017, the mural was getting repainted with paint getting damaged and retouched. The intent of this mural is being able to capture the message that we have to honor the Indigenous cultures and the sacrifices they made in the past.

We are all different in this world. If we were the same as everyone then no one would be unique.

Never forget where your ancestors came from because it represents your identity.The Chicano culture will always become one and fight for any problem to overcome the challenges they face in a certain time.

The artist that made this Kobe mural is Royyaldog and he created it in 2020 Location: 800 E. 4th St., Los Angeles. This mural was intended to commemorate the death of Kobe, a role model that impacted the world and mainly in Los Angeles.

“Dedication makes dreams come true.”

Kobe bryant

This piece is created by Lucy McLaughlin and named “Check Yourself.” Originally intended for Valentine’s Day to show love and care. The meaning of this mural is to fight against  breast cancer. Also the triumph of people that overcome that health problem.

The name of this mural is “The Yard,” encircled by walls of graffiti art by Nuke One (Joseph Montalvo). The Yard is a mural that represents the combination of graffiti and art within a certain element that represents the culture of Los Angeles.

Passion is what makes your dreams come true if you dedicate your life to the thing you do best.

These  murals were intended to mark the death of Kobe, a role model that impacted the world and mainly Los Angeles.

“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

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