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Lesly Juarez is a senior in the Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy at Theodore Roosevelt High School. During her free time, she likes to read, run   or swim.   She wants to attend UCLA.[spacer height=”20px”]


Dulce Morales is a senior at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School. She enjoys being physically active and drinking boba drinks. She hopes to study international relations at a university in the East.[spacer height=”20px”]


Alejandra Valdez is a senior at Media Arts and Entertainment Design High School. She enjoys being involved on campus and in her community. In her free time, she likes hanging out with friends and family and listening to music. She hopes to attend a California university and major in sociology.[spacer height=”20px”]
  Clarissa Diaz is a freshman at Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and learning new things about Boyle Heights. She wants to attend Cal Poly Pomona and major in sociology and minor in creative writing.[spacer height=”40px”]
Sylvester Foley is a sophomore at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School for College and Career Preparation. He likes sports, hanging out with his friends, reading and writing. He hopes to attend Harvard University and major in pre-medicine.[spacer height=”20px”]


Yesenia Thomson is a sophomore at Mendez High School. She enjoys listening to music and socializing. She hopes to major in women’s studies minor in communication at San Diego State University.[spacer height=”20px”]


Frankie Morales  is a freshman at Los Angeles High School of the Arts. He hopes to attend a four-year university, such as Cal State Northridge or USC.[spacer height=”20px”]
David Galindo is a senior at Bravo Medical Magnet High School. He enjoys running competitively, working with computers and traveling on buses.[spacer height=”20px”]
Melissa Martínez is a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School. She enjoys writing about the positive work in a community, being   involved in leadership at her high school, reading, playing the violin and the piano and being in an orchestra. She hopes to major in screenwriting.[spacer height=”20px”]


Yazmin Nunez is a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School.    Yazmin is one of the founders of Boyle Heights Beat and enjoys writing stories about her community.  She hopes to attend a University in California campus next fall.[spacer height=”20px”]


Imelda Mercado is a sophomore at Theodore Roosevelt High School. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends and watching movies. She hopes to major in medical science.[spacer height=”20px”]
Jacqueline Ramirez is a junior at Bravo Medical Magnet High School. She enjoys running and hopes to be a computer engineer when she’s older.[spacer height=”20px”]
Jose Barber  is a junior at Alliance Media Arts and Entertainment Design High School. In his free time, he likes to spend time at his father’s job at Hazard Park, watch sports and spend time with friends and family.   He hopes to attend the University of Oregon or the University of Southern California to study psychology and communication.

Emely Velazquez  is a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School and participates in the JROTC club. She enjoys spending time with friends, reading and watching films. She hopes to attend New York University.

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