Mario Ramirez Jr is known as
Mario Ramirez Jr is known as “the trooper” on his team. Photo by Art Torres.

Name: Mario Ramirez Jr.

Grade: Senior

Position: Wide Receiver, Corner Back, Punter, Kicker, Defensive End, kickoff returner and punt returner

Football history: I have been playing since 9th grade; I never played Pop Warner.

What are you known for?: I am known as “the trooper” because I have overcome really bad circumstances at home and I still manage to be one of the best students in my class.

What motivates you?: My best motivation is to think about my little brother cheering me on, wishing me luck and yelling at me to win the game.

Who is the team to beat?: The team I want to beat the most is Garfield High. I want to win the classic my senior year and I’m working hard to accomplish it.

NEXT GAME: The Roosevelt Rough Riders football team has a game against Bell High School on Friday, Oct. 10.

Check the full game schedule here.

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