Photo by Art Torres.
Photo by Art Torres.

Name:  Kevin Gomez

Grade: Senior

Number:  48

Position:  Defensive end

Football history:  I have been playing organized football since I was 5 years old.

What are you known for?: At school I am know to be very calm, but on the field my attitude completely changes.

What motivates you?:  My motivation out on the field is to want to sack the quarterback as many times as I can.

Who is the team to beat?:  The team I would like to beat would have to be Garfield. It’s been a game that my father and brother have played before me which makes me the third generation, so I would like to end my senior year by beating Garfield and moving on to playoffs to compete with any other team that gets in our way.

NEXT GAME: The Roosevelt Rough Riders football team has a home game against Huntington Park High School on Thursday, Oct. 30 starting with Junior Varsity 4pm and Varsity at 7pm.

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