Photo by Art Torres.
Photo by Art Torres.

Name: Alberto Torres


Jersey Number: 14 for home games, 4 for away games

Position: Running back and wide receiver

Football history: I’ve been playing organized tackle football since I was 6 years old. Never played flag. I played for the Montebello Sharks then the Glendale Bears and the Alhambra T-Birds.

What are you known for?: I’m known for my outgoingness and for voicing my opinion.

What do you do before a game?: What I like to do before games is pray to god and ask him, my step-father, who passed away from lung cancer in 2011, uncle and friends above to watch over me while listening to my step-father’s favorite song, “I’m the King” by The Game.

Who is the team to beat?: In all honesty there is really no one team that I would like to beat because I hate losing more than I love winning, but the one team that does stick out in my head is the game against my friends from Garfield High School in the Classic mainly for the reason that I know a lot of their players and have remained friends with most of them.

NEXT GAME: The Roosevelt Rough Riders football team has an away conference game at Jordan High School on Friday, Sep 26.
Check the full game schedule here.

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