Roosevelt High School girls soccer team lost the fight for a state title today, in the first round of the regional soccer championships against St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano.

For the first time ever, Roosevelt’s Girls Varsity Soccer won the CIF Division 4 Championship title, defeating Santee High School 1-0 Friday afternoon at Los Angeles Valley College.

Senior and Captain Zitlalli Sanchez scored the winning goal, an intended penalty kick that bounced off the left side of the goal and like a magnet, went straight back to her. Sanchez got the ball, kicked it into the goal and scored.

It’s also the first time in RHS history, that the team advanced to CIF Finals.   

On Friday, Sanchez shared that the road to finals wasn’t an easy one but the team made a quick turnaround.  “I think this year it was a lot of commitment, in previous years most of us didn’t show up to practice,” she said.  “I feel like this year we’re really committed, we have extremely great players, we have an incredible mid-field line and I think the best thing is that we’re a young team.”

The team celebrated bringing home the ring to Roosevelt last week.

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