Ramona Gardens residents are hoping a new proposed program will help police officers get to know the community’s young people, before patrolling the area.

EGP News reports that residents want to implement “Through Our Eyes,” a citizen led program where residents would train new police officers about Ramona Gardens’ youths before they patrol the housing project.

Ramona Garden residents presented the idea to a special Los Angeles City Board of Police Commissioners meeting in Boyle Heights this week.

It’s not clear if the idea will move forward, as the Board is unable to respond to items that are not on the meeting’s agenda.

The Police Commissioners’ meeting in Boyle Heights was meant to address the state of policing in the Eastside neighborhood, EGP News writes. Boyle Heights has seen several gun related crimes recently including a 10-year old girl getting shot in the head earlier this month.

Several residents took the opportunity to denounce officer involved shootings. Others praised officers for their prompt response to crime in the area.

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