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Prop 30 aims to improve our air quality by increasing income taxes on those making more than $2 million a year and allocating the money toward expanding the use of zero-emission vehicles and fighting and preventing wildfires.

This proposition aims to reduce air pollution in California by making zero emissions vehicles more accessible and funding additional wildfire prevention strategies.

Living with polluted air puts an estimated 38 million Californians at risk of health complications; the proposition addresses emissions from fuel powered vehicles and smoke from wildfires as two of the biggest contributors to poor air quality. Greenhouse gasses from transportation and wildfires also contribute significantly to climate change.

If passed, this proposition would increase income taxes for individuals making over $2 million a year by 1.75% to fund programs and incentives to support the public in switching over to zero-emissions vehicles, with specific funds allocated for low income communities. The money would also go towards electric vehicle infrastructure, such as charging stations, as well as a wildfire prevention fund that would support the hiring and training of new firefighters.

Opponents argue that California already has some of the highest taxes in the country and this proposition will drive people out of state. Those in favor of the proposition argue this measure is critical as air pollution is not only a climate concern but a serious health concern for millions of Californians that must be addressed swiftly and comprehensively.

YES: Increases the income tax on high earners to implement zero-emissions vehicle programs and firefighter training.

NO: Keeps things as they are.

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