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Prop 27 allows online sports gambling for age 21+, with funds to address homelessness.

This is the second of two propositions related to sports gambling. This proposition aims to legalize online and mobile sports gambling.

All sports gambling, both online and in person, is currently illegal in California. The proposition would establish a state-regulated online sports gambling platform in partnership with a gaming tribe or qualified gaming company and impose a 10% tax on gambling revenues and licensing fees. Eighty-five percent of the money from taxes and fees would go to the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Account, and the remaining 15% to the Tribal Economic Development Account. Gambling on youth sports would be prohibited and the proposition would create a Division of Online Sports Betting Control within the Department of Justice.

The biggest supporters of the initiative include successful online sports gambling companies, who have spent roughly $100 million in support of the initiative. Advocates claim it will provide millions of dollars in housing and mental health support to vulnerable populations. Opponents argue that the pervasiveness of online gambling is more likely to lead to dangerous and addictive behaviors and dire financial problems for individuals. Native American tribes are some of the loudest opponents of the proposition as they believe it will undermine tribal sovereignty by giving out-of-state corporations major control over the gambling industry.

YES: Legalizes online sports gambling.

NO: Rejects legalizing it.

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