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Prop 26 allows age 21+ to gamble on sports in-person at tribal casinos, horse race tracks.

Sports gambling in California is currently illegal, but this proposition looks to change that.

If passed, the proposition will legalize sports gambling at four horse racetracks and at all casinos on American Indian tribal lands. It will also allow tribal casinos to expand their gambling selection to roulette and dice games. The proposition legalizes betting on professional, college and amateur athletic events but excludes high school sports and California college teams. It would implement a 10% tax on all sports gambling activity, which would be used to fund treatment of gambling-related mental health issues, legal oversight of gambling, or go into the state’s general fund.

The biggest supporters of the initiative are California tribes and the Coalition of Safe, Responsible Gambling who argue that tribes have the expertise necessary to promote safe gambling operations and that legalizing sports betting at American Indian casinos will promote tribal sovereignty. Opponents, primarily other casinos and card rooms, argue the proposition gives tribal casinos an unfair business advantage.

YES: legalizes sports gambling at casinos on Indian tribal lands.

NO: keeps sports gambling illegal.

2022 – Public Media Group of Southern California – Used with permission

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