• Do not issue any new alcohol licenses, except for eating establishments. (New businesses could purchase existing licenses.)
  • New businesses that purchase existing licenses should be located at least 600 feet away from schools, places of worship, parks, public libraries, child care centers, playgrounds, and other youth-sensitive areas.
  • Existing and new retailers should not be allowed to sell single cans.
  • Limit shelf space and signage (inside and outside).
  • All licensees must have mandatory surveillance/security cameras.
  • All licensees must have and use an I.D. card scanner/reader to prevent false identification and sales to minors.
  • Prohibit off-sale licensees from selling alcohol between midnight and 8 a.m.
  • On-sale licensees operating after 10 p.m. must have a licensed security guard until closed.
  • Increase fees for licenses and permits associated with alcohol and use additional revenues to fund alcohol-related prevention services, code enforcement, and social services.
  • Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, local neighborhood watch groups and advisory boards, drug-free community coalitions, and residents within 1,000 feet from ABC locations must be notified of intent to apply for a new license.

Source: “Alcohol Beverage Outlets in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles,” a report from the Boyle Heights Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community

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