Attendees at Unconditional Love rally held in Boyle Heights. Photo by Antonio Mejías-Rentas

From Q Voice News:

(This essay by Alessandro Negrete, an undocumented queer activist who lives in Boyle Heights, was originally published by Q Voice News in June, LGBTQ Pride Month, as part of a series of first person essays under the theme What Pride Means To Me. )

When June 1st came around, it was beautiful to see so many of my queer and trans siblings being proud and sharing their rainbow posts on social media.

But I couldn’t help but think how Pride has evolved from queer-trans liberation to a tradition of weekend drinking and corporate propaganda. Capitalism has made strides in embedding and benefitting from queer and trans labor.

But supporting and uplifting queer and trans people is more than slapping a rainbow on your window, product, or store.

  • Support is speaking to injustices we face daily.
  • Support is hiring and advocating to hire trans women of color who are disproportionately unemployed in our communities.
  • Support is ensuring that your place of business is a safe space for our gender non-conforming and trans siblings.

Sometimes with great sadness I think about our complacency as a community, myself included.

Read full essay here: Transgender women have died in ICE custody, where is the outrage?

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