Creative commons/ flickr user Dawn-Ritchie
Creative commons/ flickr user Dawn-Ritchie
Creative commons/ flickr user Dawn-Ritchie

The beginning of a new year often sparks inspiration for life-changing decisions.   While people reflect on the previous year, many start by creating New Year’s resolutions.  

Resolutions may differ from person-to-person and city-to-city, but statistically the top resolutions in the country tend to be to lose weight, get better organized, and spend less money.

In Boyle Heights the ritual is no different, yet some the resolutions for 2014 give insight into the community and goals for the upcoming year.   

Here’s what some local residents had to say about making, and keeping New Year’s resolutions:

BHB: Have you ever made any New Year’s resolutions?

Jose Pineda, 52: I always make New Year’s resolutions. The problem is: do I keep them? Well, I mean I try. Nowadays, I just keep them simple.

BHB: What is your New Year’s resolution for next year?

JP: To be happy”¦ well, to stay happy. I like being a happy person.

BHB: What do you think about New Year’s resolutions?

Alvaro Garcia, 17: I think New Year’s resolutions are okay if you really want to get something done. I guess some people just say they’re going to do it and never do. Don’t make them if you’re not going to do them.

BHB: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for next year?

AG: Sure, I do but I don’t know. I’ll just start on them whenever I’m ready”¦not just because it’s the New Year or anything.

BHB: What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions?

Estela Alcantar, 43: I like them. I always make a little list and try to keep them. When it’s February, I try to keep them again because every month is like a tiny challenge. I try to keep them.

BHB: Do you have any?

EA: Next year, my New Year’s resolution is to get a better car. I really hope that happens.

BHB: What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions?

Francisco Mora, 32: Those are good. Anything that makes you have goals in life. I work with children and we make lists of things we want to get better at next year. Resolutions are lists of goals for anyone so it’s cool if everybody could get better at anything they were already good at, whatever it is, like sports or health.

BHB: What are your New Year’s resolutions for next year?

FM: My list is short but I know I want to be a better role model.

Wishing you all a safe, and happy New Year from Boyle Heights Beat!

Lourdes Espinoza

Lourdes Espinoza is a student Broadcast Journalism at Cal State University, Los Angeles. She works as a community associate for Boyle Heights Beat. Seeking and sharing local events has allowed her to sharpen...

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