Photo via LA Taco Festival's Facebook Page.
Photo via LA Taco Festival’s Facebook Page.
Photo via LA Taco Festival’s Facebook Page.

Take your pick: shrimp, mole, barbacoa or veggie tacos. Saturday’s fourth annual LA Taco Festival at Mariachi Plaza will be sure to please all the taco lovers out there.

Nine food vendors from Boyle Heights and East L.A. will cook up their tastiest tacos, including Yeya’s, Mi Ranchito Tacos, Balbinas Tacos and more. Foodies will also get a chance to enjoy a beer garden and tequila tasting, as well as live musical entertainment by local artists.

The event proceeds will benefit Jovenes, Inc., a non-profit organization in Boyle Heights that provides housing and supportive services to homeless youth.

This year, restaurateurs will offer more than just tacos. Boyle Heights food vendor Un Solo Sol Kitchen will feature a signature dish: lentil soup with plantains. Restaurant owner Carlos Ortez has shared the recipe with Boyle Heights Beat to entice foodies across Los Angeles. Go ahead, try it yourself!

Lentil Soup with Plantain

(Vegan Recipe)

This type of lentil soup is known in South Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Ecuador and Brazil.

”¢  ½ pound of lentils
Ӣ 1 medium white onion
Ӣ 3 garlic cloves
Ӣ 1 pound of ripe tomatoes
Ӣ 1/3 cup of olive oil
Ӣ salt to taste
Ӣ 10 pieces of cilantro leaves
Ӣ 1 plantain

(For 3 people)
1. Choose lentils, wash them thoroughly and let them soak overnight (or at least 3 hours) before cooking, drain water and boil them in clean water with a slice of onion and a garlic clove, for 20 minutes or until soft.
2. Chop the rest of the onion, garlic and tomato. First, fry the onions, then garlic until brown, add the tomato and cook to create a sauce with those ingredients; add salt to taste.
3. Add sauce to the cooked lentils. Boil for a moment and taste for salt.
4. Wash the plantain, peel and cut in slices  ½ inch thick. Add to the lentils and add cilantro leaves. Boil 10 minutes more until the plantains are cooked and taste the contrast of sweet and salty flavors. As a variation, fried plantains can be used.

LA Taco Festival
Saturday, August 16, 2014/ p.m.- 8p.m.
Mariachi Plaza- 1st St. & Boyle Ave.
Click here for tickets.

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