A man shot and critically wounded during a confrontation inside the emergency room at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital on the early hours of Saturday, June 9, died later that day at LA County+USC Medical Center, the LAPD said in a statement Wednesday.

He was identified as Omar Magaña, 34. Police said he was a robbery suspect who asked to be taken to the hospital after being arrested. During an exam, while his handcuffs were removed, he tried to grab an officer’s firearm and was shot and critically injured. He was taken to LA County+USC’s trauma unit where he later died.

The officer involved shooting is being investigated by the LAPD Force Investigation Division.

The LAPD said that near midnight on Friday, June 8, Magaña was arrested by Hollenbeck Area Gang Enforcement Detail officers for the robbery of a street vendor near of Workman Street and North Broadway Ave., in Lincoln Heights.

“Magaña was transported to Hollenbeck Police Station where it appeared he suffered a medical emergency and was transported by the Los Angeles Fire Department to White Memorial hospital for treatment,” the statement said.

The confrontation with officers occurred around 5:00 am when the suspect was at White Memorial. “For the purposes of the [medical] exam the [suspect’s] handcuffs had been removed,” the statement said. “At the conclusion of the exam, the officers were preparing to again handcuff Magaña, a physical altercation occurred between Magaña and the officers, during which Magaña tried to remove an officer’s firearm from his holster, resulting in an officer-involved shooting.”

“Magaña was struck by gunfire and immediately began to receive medical treatment at White Memorial Hospital. He was transported in critical condition to USC Medical Center due to the nature of the injury, where he later died,” the statement added.

Police –who did not release the identity or number of officers involved– said no officers or hospital staff were injured in the shooting.  The emergency room at White Memorial was able to continue normal operations.

Specialized officers from FID, as well as representatives from the Office of the Inspector General and the District Attorney’s office responded to the scene.

“The complete investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and the Board of Police Commissioners and the Office of the Inspector General to determine the thoroughness and accuracy of the investigation and whether the use of deadly force complied with the LAPD’s policies and procedures. Additionally, representatives from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office who responded to the scene will review the subsequent FID investigation; evidence collected and witness statements to determine if the force used by the officer(s) violated any criminal laws.

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