Libros Schmibros Lending Library and Bookstore inaugura el miércoles su nuevo local en la Plaza Mariachi de Boyle Heights. / Foto de Kris Fortín

From the Eastsider.

Libros Schmibros, the nonprofit lending library and bookshop, has announced it’s moving. But it’s not going far – just across Mariachi Plaza and into the historic Boyle Hotel building. 

The small store is currently located in one of the buildings that is for sale on the north side of the plaza. However, Libros Schmibros, which announced the upcoming move on Facebook and Twitter, did not state the reason for the change in location.

The new home for the lending library is at 103 N. Boyle Avenue in the former Boyle Hotel.

Read the full story on the Eastsider.

Kyle García is a former web editor with Boyle Heights Beat.

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