Photo by Flickr user Mely-o/ Creative Commons
Photo by Flickr user Mely-o/ Creative Commons

Library cards could soon be a form of identification used by the city’s undocumented immigrants to open bank accounts and access other services, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The City Council voted to consider the proposal, introduced by Councilman Richard Alarcon. If passed, Los Angeles will join other cities offering various forms of identification for the undocumented, including San Francisco, Oakland and Richmond, the Times reports.

“Though L.A.’s plan would not be as sweeping as those adopted by cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Richmond, it would be a major step in serving the estimated 300,000 residents who don’t have bank accounts or debit cards.”

Here are some details on the proposed ID Card:

  • will include a user’s name, address and a photograph
  • issued through the city’s libraries
  • open to anyone able to provide proof of L.A. residency
  • can be used to open a bank account and use as a debit card
  • not a substitute for driver’s licenses
  • will cost around $15-$20
  • possible monthly fee of $2.99
  • will not provide any protection from deportation

Do you think it’s beneficial for undocumented L.A. residents to hold a legal form of identification?
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