In the fast-moving era of visual media, Las Fotos Project’s Digital Promotoras use photojournalism and multimedia techniques to promote awareness of disparities and stigmas facing their communities.

For the fall of 2019, students in the Digital Promotoras program investigated the question of how various public safety efforts impact school-aged youth, through a visual documentation project called “Con Safos”.

Taking a photojournalistic approach, Digital Promotoras are amplifying the voices of our city’s youth while addressing key issues such as gentrification, access to green spaces, security, physical wellbeing, and punitive school measures.

In their Con Safos Public Safety Forum and Exhibit, the students are asking the public to center young voices as we work collectively to create healthier and safer communities.

Here are their stories:

Daniela Aviles, from Lincoln Heights, is a student at ELACC photographed by Stephany Solis for Las Fotos Project.

Con Safos: ‘Mi bienestar es importante’

A conversation with Daniela Aviles by Stephany Solis for Las Fotos Project

Con Safos: Restorative Justice

How Dorian Mendez found in boxing a way of improving his school experience

Con Safos: Green Space

Communities like Boyle Heights and East LA lack sufficient parks and areas where residents can exercise and distress