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Originally published on February 3, 2021

Health officials in Los Angeles County say that while the average number of COVID-19 deaths is still “uncomfortably” high, the average mortality rate may have peaked.

That comes as the county reported 256 additional deaths on Wednesday, along with over 5,000 new confirmed cases. [Editor’s note: There were 226 deaths reported Friday, along with 4,761 new cases.]

While daily deaths have been relatively high, other metrics, like hospitalizations and new cases, have steadily fallen in recent weeks.

That’s because COVID-19 deaths tend to lag behind other indicators.

County public health director Barbara Ferrer also issued another warning today against holding Super Bowl parties this Sunday, saying they have the potential to derail the recovery:

“Given the likelihood that there are more infectious variants circulating in our community, let’s not take any chances with our own health, and the health of others, by creating easy opportunities for the virus to spread.”

Ferrer also confirmed a third case of the coronavirus variant, first identified in the United Kingdom. That strain is much more contagious than the one that is currently dominating in the U.S.


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