L.A. City Councilman Kevin de León talks with a woman on the street last fall. (Photo courtesy of Kevin de León)

Originally published January 12, 2021

Freshman L.A. City Councilman Kevin de León announced Tuesday a motion for Los Angeles to commit to doubling the housing inventory for homeless people to 50,000 units by 2025.

“We need an overarching, clear goal — an objective so that we can be accountable, so that we can have benchmarks that are measurable,” de León told our newsroom’s local news and culture show, Take Two, which airs on 89.3 KPCC.

Some of his proposed steps include:

  • Determining whether the city can legally reclaim money promised to developers if their proposed projects run over-budget
  • Streamlining the permitting process
  • Creating an online portal for renters to get assistance if they are facing potential eviction once the county and state moratoriums end

De León’s district includes downtown’s Skid Row, which he describes as “ground zero” for the city’s and nation’s homelessness crisis.

He also believes his motion creates a “North Star” for lawmakers to follow — and for constituents to hold those lawmakers accountable.



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