A Justice and Peace Community Memorial Service to honor Lorenza Arellano will take place on  Friday, April 25 from 5p.m. to 7p.m.  at Hollenbeck Park–  415 S. St. Louis Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033.

Arellano’s body was recently found in Hollenbeck lake where she tragically passed away as a result of unknown circumstances.

Her death has shaken the community of Boyle Heights and inspired family, friends and supporters to gather to celebrate her life. This will also be an opportunity to learn more about the realities facing women who are subjected to live on the street and who are exposed to many dangers.

This event is made possible with the support of  The Guadalupe Homeless Project, a program of Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission.

For more information, contact Raquel Roman, Projecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission, (323) 881-0018 or visit www.projectopastoral.org  

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