View of Mariachi Plaza and the former Boyle Hotel on the corner of First and Boyle in Boyle Heights, and downtown LA in the background. Photo by Ernesto Orozco.

Fostering transit centers and  mixed-use corridors and encouraging development that incorporates existing architecture are all part of Los Angeles’ plan to update the Boyle Heights Community Plan, a blueprint that designates land usage in the neighborhood. The city’s Department of City Planning hosted two open house outreach events last month and released an online interactive map to present potential zoning changes to Boyle Heights.

The city wants to change policies to encourage “new development and preservation of the community’s traditional neighborhoods.” It states that “the plan proposes policies and new zones that … conserve neighborhood character and preserve industrial land for jobs, innovation, and workforce training.” Urbanize LA reports that the draft ordinance changes would concentrate new density on a 140-acre district centered at the intersection of 1st and Soto Streets.

Boyle Heights development has been a controversial issue for years. Many residents cite gentrification as a driving force that displaces low-income families and long-term renters. The city says they have made an effort to incorporate community suggestions and keep residents updated along the process through events like the recent open houses.

The interactive online map allows residents to envision the plan. The city’s next step is to release a Draft Environmental Impact Report for public review along with hosting more outreach events.

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Kyle Garcia

Kyle García is a former web editor with Boyle Heights Beat.

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