I wrote about Herbalife because I was curious to what it was and why I saw it so much of it in my community. I didn’t notice it until my mother, who was a former consumer, introduced it to me.

After that, I started realizing that there are so many of these Herbalife nutrition clubs in my community. I’ve received many fliers and invitations to these clubs. I’ve even seen students at my school take the product in a cup that says “Herbalife.”

While there are so many of these clubs, some people in the community don’t even know they are there. Herbalife clubs are almost a secret group. To be part of one and find out its location, a person must get an invitation.

I believe these clubs are so popular because the distributors gain consumers’ trust by giving them personal attention. The distributors then talk to them about the product and give them examples of how using it will make them look and feel better.

My own mother spent between $100 to 200 dollars a month on Herbalife products. She believed they helped her lose weight and made her feel healthier. Personally, I didn’t understand why she didn’t just change her diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. When my Aunt tried it, she didn’t see the results she expected. In the end what I’ve observed led me to believe that the product doesn’t work well with everyone’s system.

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