Los Angeles Councilman José Huízar will launch a door-to-door campaign Saturday to educate rent-controlled tenants of their rights.

Climbing rental prices and tenant evictions have been a persistent concern of longtime Boyle Heights residents. According to a statement from Huízar’s office, 75% of residents in Boyle Heights are renters  and 88% of them are protected by rent-control measures which prevent property managers from evicting tenants without a proper reason. Owners cannot arbitrarily throw out residents of a rent-controlled property without facing fines or penalties.

On Saturday morning, Huízar will welcome volunteers, who will gather and have breakfast at the Boyle Heights City Hall before going out door-to-door to educate renters on their rights.  According to the statement, the councilman will also make an announcement about “adding housing resources” to Boyle Heights.

Kyle Garcia

Kyle García is a former web editor with Boyle Heights Beat.

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