Boyle Heights Beat reporters interviewed nearly 50 residents about which areas they considered “safe” and “unsafe” in the neighborhood. Many of those interviewed listed “home” as the safest area. When asked for another location, several people listed schools and libraries, and two listed churches. “I feel safe in the Roosevelt High School gymnasium,” said one of the respondents. “It’s always full of school can remember, gang violence in Boyle Heights hasn’t gone away. At least 20 different gangs still call Boyle Heights home. Last year, nearly six percent of the murders in Los Angeles took place in Boyle Heights, according to LAPD data. This is the same percentage as in 1992, when crime was at its highest level citywide. And the city still sees Boyle Heights as a “hot spot” for violence.

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  1. rosemay

    I have been living in Boyle Heights for all my life and would not live anywhere else, my roots are here and I respect the police that patrol and make sure I am safe where I live, there is some much access to everything, the Metro, the buses, alot of people bike now and Boyle Heights is now on the map, cool, I love my city and will be here till I die !

  2. Sierra

    I get asked a lot: “Do you feel safe living there?” I actually do. There are always places you don’t want to go, especially not a night, but I think it helps that lots of families walk around Evergreen until 9 or 10 at night and there are lots of taqueros with bright lights everywhere. It doesn’t feel unsafe in Boyle Heights the way some parts of south LA feel – when it’s a ghost town at night.

  3. Edwin

    I’m more interested in what the 50 people called the unsafe areas, as I am new to BH. I feel unsafe as there are frequent gunshots, helicopters overhead, and a lot of drugs/gangs.

  4. Salvatierra

    LAPD was also responsible for much of the crime. They too beat up many gang youth, treated them like criminals upon sight, and often confiscated drugs and weapons with out proper reporting. I was and still am more afraid of cops than I am of gangsters. Dont get it twisted, the police force hasnt changed, the rent in the barrio has..

    • Jane

      That being said, the keywords that stand out are: gang, drugs, and weapons. You don’t deny that there are young people who are part of gangs, walking around with drugs and weapons. That is contributing to making Boyle Heights feel unsafe more than a police force who is protecting everyone else.

  5. Tony D.

    I live in Boyle Heights sine the late 70’s and I know the barrio like the palm of my hands,
    the area is changing some for the better, some for worst.
    I’d like to mention about the Talpa church area, specially the area of Lanfranco street from Evergreen to Mott st. if you drive this area from Fridays to Sundays it is like a GIANT
    cantina, you will see people drinking, doing drugs and all kinds of illegal things, a lot of people are getting tired of this situation, and the LAPD IS NOT DOING ANYTHING TO HELP
    Please publish my commentary may be Chief Moore reads this reply.
    Tony D.

  6. tony dominguez

    check Lanfranco from Savannah st to Mott on weekends it is the big cantina of the world.
    Drugs and alcohol and all kinds of crime, very dangerous!

  7. Ernie

    First of all, the map of “Boyle Heights” is all wrong. The cutoff boundary is at Marengo. Sorry to be nit picky but us Boyle Heights residents don’t really want to be associated with the Lincoln Heights / Ramona Gardens areas !!!


    Living in Boyle’s heights is one of the safest area in los Angeles it all depends who your asking or watching too many movie’s depicting Boyle’s heights as a bad neighbor there must be a reason why people are 700,000 to over a million


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