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A crowd of scavenger hunters embarked on a search for hidden cash Sunday at Hollenbeck Park after a mystery benefactor announced its last stop in Los Angeles.

The hunt began shortly after, when anonymous Twitter user @HiddenCash posted the tweet below:

Hollenbeck: 4 by palms, 2 by ivy, 2 in bushes, 1 by (not in!) trash. 9 total. Thank u LA! We’ll be back!

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash) June 1, 2014

The generous user, who has 434,000 followers on Twitter, began donating cash through scavenger hunts in San Francisco on May 23.

The game made its way to Los Angeles Wednesday and wrapped up its visit at Hollenbeck Park on Sunday, where wads of cash were stuffed inside nine bottles of bubbles and stashed in bushes around the park.

LA: Are you ready to play with bubbles today???

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash) June 1, 2014

Pastor Espinoza and his family found one of the bottles Sunday, and told KTLA News they would use it to “go buy some food.”

“We just paid rent and actually stayed without anything, so this is coming in handy,” Espinoza told KTLA’s reporters.

Espinoza family @ingrata69 found $80 in Hollenbeck Park on the LAST #hiddencash @HiddenCash drop in LA @KTLA

— Kacey Montoya (@kaceymontoya) June 1, 2014

Check out some of the lucky winners below:

@HiddenCash my little sister found one thank you!!!

— !Jamie ¡ (@Broskiess) June 1, 2014

@HiddenCash I found one!! Thank you soo much!! #hiddencash $100 🙂

— Johnny Alonzo (@AlonzoJohnny) June 1, 2014

Thank you @HiddenCash my little bro found $80 gonna pay it forward!

— Karina Villalobos (@KarinaV1225) June 1, 2014

@HiddenCash continued the game in Bakersfield before returning to his hometown of San Francisco.

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