Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association were protesting helicopter activity in their neighborhood at a town hall meeting Monday in Sherman Oaks. / Photo by Kris Fortin/LAStreetsblog

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At Monday night’s town hall meeting about helicopter noise in communities, residents from Sherman Oaks, Westwood, Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Rivera filled the Burrill Hall at Millikan Middle School with more than 400 people.

Yet, during the public comment section, it was clear there was an absence of residents from South Los Angeles and East L.A./Boyle Heights. The residents at the town hall voiced concerns about how helicopters unsettled their pets, and how phone conversations were interrupted by the noise. But in neighborhoods including Boyle Heights, residents have had it worse, and for much longer.

Law enforcement helicopters have the biggest presence in Boyle Heights, said Fredd Ortiz, a member of Corazon del Pueblo, a Boyle Heights community center.

Helicopters’ presence in the neighborhood, are so constant, he said, that sometimes it feels like it’s a natural part of the environment.

“Get this idea that is the way it is. . . (even though) it shouldn’t be.”

Andrea Joseph, a Boyle Heights resident, said that she hears helicopters even at 2 in the morning.

“Kind of annoying at night, especially when you’re trying to watch TV or enjoy yourself with your family. You just hear “the bird” all the time flying around.”

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    The reason LAPD helicopters fly over Boyle Heights, South LA and other parts of the city is because a suspect is on the ground that hiding in someone’s backyard, under a car and trying to evade police. LAPD helicopters assist our officers on the ground to capture these criminals who will do anything not be arrested including entering homes. Recently LAPD Air Support Unit was acknowledged for their great work in West Valley when a suspect with a high powered rifle was shooting randomly in a neighborhood. The suspect shot at the helicopter and hit it. There were pedestrians on the ground and the LAPD helicopter alerted the pedestrians by PA system of the danger and moved them away. The suspect was arrested.

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    Sorry I forgot to include the meeting in the area you mention was because those parts of the City have many paparazzi helicopters not LAPD in their areas.

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    I support having the LAPD helicopters when needed in the BH area. Our Community is not the same from years ago. Yes we do have many unecesary extra noise from the TV news Helicopters reporting the same traffic accident on one of many freeways in the area. I alwas ask to increase the police and cars presence in the community this is a cheaper way, having the helicopters just for 5 minutes is very expensive. Take the bad elements from our Boyle Heights….at any price……..


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