Photo Courtesy of L.A. Union/ AFL-CIO
Photo Credit: Priscilla Cheng.
Photo Courtesy of L.A. Union/ AFL-CIO.

Grocery workers rallied  outside an East Los Angeles supermarket demanding  better wages and benefits.

For more than eight months, workers at El Super have been working without a contract after Bodega Latina Corp, who operates the US stores, has provided unsatisfying offers. Union leaders, who joined the rally at El Super on Cesar Chavez Ave in East Los Angeles, are calling for the company to return to the negotiating table and offer a fair proposal for workers’ needs.

“El Super needs to reward the workers who contribute so much to this company’s profitability and success,” said UFCW Local 770 President, Rick Icaza. “This fight is about dignity, respect, and fairness for immigrant workers.”

Photo Courtesy of L.A. Union/ AFL-CIO
Photo Courtesy of L.A. Union/ AFL-CIO

On May 2, El Super union members voted down the company’s “last, best, and final” offer. In addition to better wages, workers say they deserve guaranteed 40-hour work weeks for full-time workers, paid sick leave, respect on the job, seniority rights and affordable health benefits.

“If we win a guaranteed 40-hour work week, that means an extra $500 a month to make ends meet,” said Flora Castañeda who has worked for 10 years as a cashier at El Super #17 in Inglewood. “More hours for us cashiers means shorter lines for customers, who sometimes stand in line for up to half an hour.”

Leafleting at all 45 El Super locations is planned for next Thursday in an effort to inform consumers on the process of the union’s work and union negotiations, shared Rigo Valdez from the AFL-CIO. Negotiations will resume June 4th.

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