Actor George Takei believes that Latinos “have the power to stop [Donald] Trump” in the november election and he is urging them to do just that in a video he posted on his Facebook page, that has been seen by over 12 million viewers.

The actor best known for his portrayal of Sulu in the Star Trek series and movies dedicates the video to his Latino fans and he addresses them in Spanish –a language he says he learned growing up among Mexican Americans in a Boyle Heights neighborhood.

Takei recalled his boyhood in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, where he said he drew upon his experiences in Boyle Heights –and later on in an internment camp– to make the video.

In it, Takei compares the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II to threats made by Trump. The Republican presidential candidate has said that he plans to deport all undocumented immigrants and build a wall to protect the Southern border with Mexico.

Takei, a known gay rights activist, is endorsing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

In his Facebook video, he urges Latinos to register and then to vote “against Trump” in the November election.

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