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Prop 28 requires California to spend on music and arts education in public schools.

School districts currently have significant flexibility on how to distribute their funding, and many administrators say that arts education is the first area to be cut when the budget is tight. This proposition will require a percentage of annual public education funding to go specifically to music and arts education.

Each school would receive additional funding equal to, at minimum, 1% of the school’s total state and local revenue that would go to these programs. The proposition will not raise taxes but instead use money from the state’s general fund, which as of June 17 had a surplus of about $97 billion, according to CalMatters.

Los Angeles council members, educators, and celebrities have all come together to support the proposition. They contend that arts education is a priority and has been proven to support mental health, enhance cognitive skills and increase school attendance–especially in low income communities. Opponents argue the general fund surplus won’t exist forever and the initiative may put a strain on other important services.

YES: would supply annual funding for K-12 music and arts education.

NO: keeps arts funding dependent on district priorities.

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