For over a decade, the former Los Angeles County Hospital –popularly known as General Hospital– has been almost entirely vacant. Only the ground floor of the historic building, home of the LAC + USC Foundation’s Wellness Center, is currently being utilized.

This Thursday, a community meeting will explore potential opportunities to reuse the towering structure in Boyle Heights.

Hosted by the Health Innovation Community Partnership (HICP), the event titled “Help Shape the Future of Historic General Hospital” will serve as a forum to discuss how the building could be repurposed. The event will be held from 6-8 PM on June 13th at the East Los Angeles Skills Center, 3921 Selig Pl, Los Angeles. Food and childcare will be provided.

The HICP was created by the LA County Board of Supervisors to promote the health, wellness and economic well being for the Eastside communities of Los Angeles.

A motion by LA County Supervisor Hilda Solís that passed unanimously in 2018 calls for the adaptive reuse of the General Hospital as a housing facility to serve the surrounding community for homeless and low-income families.

County staff were directed to conduct a feasibility study for the hospital reuse project. Attendees of tomorrow’s event will be able to learn about the study and the challenges involved in repurposing the hospital.

Members of the local community are encouraged to attend the meeting to give feedback that will aid in defining the future reuse of the hospital.

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      LOL this is right in the middle of a medical campus…… and terrible parking. Would not be a good building for housing.

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    A vertically stacked central repository of drug addicts and the mentally ill. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Al Martino

    Stupidity at its best! Just another great build-up to an out of control failure! This is what happens you vote for idiots to run the city.

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    Make sure the city doesnt okay some clandestine 5G cell tower there. if not In a few years we will need a fully functional hospital to care for all the sick people


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