‘Promenade’ style

There are three possible designs for a new park that will lay beneath the Sixth Street Bridge replacement and residents are being asked to choose which one they like the best. While all three concepts have differences in layout, park options like a soccer field, arts plaza, and gardens are included across the board.

The first conceptual design is a promenade style which would feature direct, linear space. Photos for the design shows basketball courts, a water play area and is described as “expresses the bridge length.”

‘Canopy and objects’ style

The second design, a “canopy and objects,” style is said to be organic feeling, allows for wandering, and “reflects the bridge architecture.” Photos for this concept show a curvy walk path, a rock climbing wall, and a meadow tree area.

The third concept, called “episodic,” is described as having “outdoor room spaces,” and as being “related to bridge columns and architecture.” This design shows an arts plaza, a stage, and a playground.

‘Episodic’ style

There is an online survey for residents to choose which design they prefer for the coming park. The green space, called the Sixth Street Viaduct Mobility Park, Arts and River Commons, or PARC for short will be 12 acres large extending west to Mateo Street and east to the 101 Freeway, connecting the Arts District, LA River, and Boyle Heights together.

The old Sixth Street bridge was torn down last year due to concerns that it would eventually crumble because of a chemical reaction believed to be inevitable.

The city is soliciting public comments until May 15. A public meeting to discuss the park will be held May 3 at the Puente Learning Center, 501 South Boyle Avenue. The city will use the input they get to help them draft an Environmental Impact Report to study how the park will affect the nearby community.

Kyle Garcia

Kyle García is a former web editor with Boyle Heights Beat.

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