Sprinklers at Pico Aliso Recreation
Sprinklers at Pico Aliso Recreation Center soak the field as well as sidewalks outside the fence. Photo by Jessica Perez
Sprinklers at Pico Aliso Recreation
Center soak the field as well as sidewalks
outside the fence. Photo by Jessica Perez

With record March temperatures and rain levels at least 10 inches below normal, lawmakers proposed a relief plan Thursday to help deal with California’s ongoing drought.

Governor Jerry Brown announced a $1-billion drought relief plan that will provide food assistance and emergency drinking water in the hardest-hit communities. Most of the plan would fund infrastructure initiatives such as water recycling and desalination which will not be completed for years.

“This is a struggle, “ Brown said at a Capitol news conference. “Something we’re going to have to live with. For how long, we’re not sure.”

California is entering its fourth consecutive year of drought, and this will make the second year in a row the Legislature is considering a drought relief package.

The proposal comes a few days after the State Water Resources Control Board announced new watering restrictions across California. State officials are urging agencies to limit the number of days residents can water their lawns, and are warning tougher restrictions in coming months if conservation measures are not taken.

In Los Angeles, the new rule doesn’t change anything, as the city has been restricting watering to three days a week since 2009, but if other agencies don’t respond quickly, the state will impose a two-day-a-week restriction.

Former Boyle Heights Beat reporter Yazmin Nunez has more on restrictions and what residents can do to conserve water.

Drought Rules for Los Angeles

Ӣ No hosing of paved surfaces
Ӣ Drinking water served in restaurants only upon request
Ӣ No vehicle washing with a hose unless equipped with a self-closing device
Ӣ Sprinkler watering limited to 8 minutes per station
Ӣ No watering between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Sprinkler watering allowed on following days:
Ӣ Address ending with an odd number- Mon., Wed., Fri.
Ӣ Address ending with an even number- Tues., Thurs., Sun.

LA Conservation Teams will patrol water waste in communities:
Ӣ First offenses: verbal warning
Ӣ Additional violations: fines of $100-600

Water saving tips:
Ӣ Run dishwasher and washing machine only when full.
”¢ Don’t let water run when washing dishes.
Ӣ Wash fruits and vegetables in a pan instead of under running water.
Ӣ Cook food in as little water as possible

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