With polls now open for today’s runoff election, Los Angeles will soon have a new mayor. Will it be City Controller Wendy Greuel or Councilman Eric Garcetti?

The two democrats were the top vote-getters in the March primary election, and are vying to replace outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

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According to the latest USC Price/Los Angeles Times poll, Garcetti is on top amongst voters, with 48 percent to 41 percent over Greuel. However, the poll also found 11 percent of likely voters undecided.

Boyle Heights Beat youth reporters Yesenia Thomson and Sylvester Foley went out on the streets of Boyle Heights to ask the community their opinions about L.A. mayor’s race.

1. Regardless of who wins, what should be the mayor’s first priority once in office?


Jeff Smith, Works in Boyle Heights
“I think the thing that unites all angelenos is transportation. Transportation is a major thing we always talk about. We’re all stuck in traffic. We’d all like to be able to take the train everywhere we want, or buses. I think that’s the thing that affects every single person in this city so I’d like to see that be a priority.”

Mayoral Hector Perez 2

Héctor Pérez, 36, Boyle Heights resident

“Cleaning up… Definitely making it safer for whenever I walk with my kids.”

2. If Wendy Greuel wins, she will be the first female mayor of Los Angeles. Did that affect your voting in the March primary?

Mayoral Cuauhtmoc Hernandez 2

Cuauhtémoc Hernández, 22, Boyle Heights resident

“I tried not to make my decisions on gender but it’s not something you should take lightly either…the experience of a woman and how that can ultimately shape a leadership position…. I mean it’s something that I took into consideration.”

Mayoral Teresa 2

Teresa Fuentes, 49, Boyle Heights resident
“I like it a lot that a woman is running for mayor. It would be an honor as much for her, all of us women and all of California.”


3. What are you looking for in a mayor?


Margaux Hernández, Boyle Heights resident

“A mayor has to be independent, strong willed. They have to give back to the community. They have to be able to budget everything.”

Mayoral Celeste

Celeste Calderón, 24, Highland Park resident
“Someone who will focus more on the youth. Bring the communities together [it] makes people understand each other more…That brings parents, that brings people together.”

Find your polling place here.

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