Photo by Cinthia Gonzales
Photo by Cinthia Gonzales
Photo by Cinthia Gonzales

The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council will not vote on a motion to support or oppose the proposed Wyvernwood redevelopment project today.

Instead, this item will be readdressed at the council’s next General Board Meeting on March 27.

Last week, the Beat reported that the BHNC would have to rehear all topics from its January meeting””where the board voted 9-3 in support of the redevelopment””after it failed to fulfill the appropriate 24-hour notice of location change.

The revote was slated for today, however, the vote was postponed by request, according to Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council President Eddie Padilla.

Fifteen Group, the project’s developer, sent a letter requesting the vote take place in March because Executive Vice President and Principal Steven Fink would not be available in February.

Comite de la Esperanza, a group opposing the project, still wanted to be heard in February but asked the council not vote on the same day.

“Both groups spoke at the Feb. 21 [Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council] Executive Committee meeting and indicated that there was no urgency to the matter as it would not go to the City again until May,” said Padilla in an email.

The BHNC Executive Committee agreed that the presentations of both groups take place on the same day as a vote in March.

The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council will hold its General Board meeting at 6:15 p.m. tonight at the
Boyle Heights Senior Center, 2839 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

View the agenda here.

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