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Just in time for Sunday’s Mother’s Day celebration, local activist group Defend Boyle Heights is holding a benefit concert Friday to raise funds for Mariachi musicians who’ve seen their income severely reduced because of the coronavirus emergency.

The “Mariachis de Boyle Heights” virtual serenata will be live streamed at noon from the kiosk at Mariachi Plaza on the group’s Instagram account: @defendboyleheights. During the free concert, viewers will be encouraged to make donations to a Venmo account set up for the musicians.

“Stand in solidarity with the mariachis,” a poster for the concert posted on Instagram reads. “They are the most affected by this economic crisis, and the capitalist state has left them to starve!”

Several media have reported that musicians who are typically hired for gigs at Mariachi Plaza have seen their incomes reduced, because of current stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus emergency. Mother’s Day is traditionally one of the busiest days for Mariachis, who are hired to offer “serenatas” at celebrations.

Defend Boyle Heights said it will record the Mariachis de Boyle Heights concert with professional equipment and offer videos for sale, to further raise funds for the musicians.

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