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Photos by Art Torres

Hundreds of residents gathered Tuesday in Boyle Heights to take a stand against crime in their neighborhood.

The annual National Night Out event was hosted by Hollenbeck Police Station and included a peace walk, entertainment, food and an informational fair.

Boyle Heights resident Aba Ramirez, 46 said it’s important community members get involved in order to keep the neighborhood safe.

“We all play a part in sewing the seeds of peace and we need to be active participants to maintain peace in our community,” said Ramirez.

Leopoldo Ramirez, 18, came out to volunteer as part of Fuego Tech Crew 76, a fire ranger and leadership program.

He said crime continues to be a problem in Boyle Heights and hopes events like these can send out a positive message.

“We’re united, we’re one”¦ and hopefully the violence keeps decreasing here in Boyle Heights.”

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