(l to r) Luis Ceja (Ms. Martin Mendez, House of Mirage and Arena Hostess) with Dancers in the World Premiere Production of ARENA: A House MUSIC-al, Book by Abel Alvarado, Music by Benjamin Emory Larson, Lyrics by Gabrielle Maldonado, Additional Songs by Daniel Sugimoto, Directed by Rigo Tejeda presented by CASA 0101 Theater, INH Productions, El Centro Del Pueblo and Councilmember Gil Cedillo, playing at CASA 0101 Theater in Boyle Heights, CA, June 17 - July 17, 2022, www.casa0101.0rg - Photo by José Miranda

If you made your way down 1st Street in Boyle Heights this weekend, it was hard to miss the bright green bike lanes that were installed early Saturday morning.

The 1.6 miles of bike lanes recently painted on 1st Street from Boyle Avenue to Lorena St ””along with a section of Spring Street in downtown”” were the first in Los Angeles to go green.

But the dashes and solid sections of green left some wondering if the project was incomplete. Although the majority of the Spring Street lane got a solid green thermoplastic coating, 1st Street was only colored at merging areas such as intersections or driveways.

Like L.A. Eco-Village blog and LADOT Bike Blog have been reporting, the green coloring is meant to draw attention to conflict areas and increase safety for motorists and bicyclists.

On 1st Street, sections of solid green patches can be seen at driveways, alleys, and after crossing intersections to make motorists aware of the presence of cyclists. The green is dashed where bicycles, cars, and buses share space, for example, when approaching an intersection.

One of the goals listed in the city’s bike plan is for the green lanes to produce more consistent yielding behavior by motorists, something that has been successful in Portland. Colored bike lanes have also been seen in New York and Long Beach.

A rainy Sunday cancelled my plans to try out the spankin new lanes, which transportation officials say are skid- and slip-resistant. But a friend of mine got to try them out and had one complaint: the green made it harder to see cracks on the road, so be careful.

Click here to watch a nice little raw video from LADOT’s Bike Blog Flickr that shows one of our neighbors riding through green zones on 1st Street.

This story was originally published in MisNeighbors.com

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