Reporters Keven Almontes left) and Carmen González interviewed for NPR. Photo courtesy of Ari Shapiro,

A story that aired Wednesday on National Public Radio’s “All Thing Considered” featured the work of Boyle Heights Beat youth reporters. The story was reported earlier this month by Ari Shapiro, co-host of the network’s daily afternoon news program.

Titled “Boyle Heights Beat Tells Stories That Bigger Outlets Often Miss,” the report focused on youth journalist Carmen González, a 17-year-old senior at Méndez High School in Boyle Heights.

González, a City Terrace resident, spoke with Shapiro about how her life changed by being a Beat reporter. “I think it’s made me a more empathetic person,” González told NPR.  “I can actually sit through someone, like, talking on a viewpoint that’s not similar to mine.”

The story mentioned that many Boyle Height Beat stories are inspired by comments made at community meetings, and included a clip from #RadioPulso, the monthly podcast produced by youth journalists and which González co-hosts.

Producers Connor Donevan and Kat Lonsdorf collaborated with Shapiro on the Boyle Heights Beat story. They were part of the All Things Considered crew that visited Los Angeles this month to report on a number of local stories.

Photo above: Reporters Keven Almontes (left) and Carmen González being recorded by NPR producer Connor Donevan. Photo courtesy of Ari Shapiro.

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