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For nearly two years Star Wars fans have speculated about the character played by Benicio del Toro in the eighth part of the sci-fi saga, and now that The Last Jedi has finally opened, few details are emerging about the enigmatic DJ.

And While Del Toro kept the character secret during an interview with Boyle Heights Beat youth reporters in November of 2015, he did offer some details on the anticipated film’s plot.

“It takes place in space”, the Puerto Rican actor joked. “There are some robots in there…. “

In the interview, Del Toro revealed for the first time that he was beginning to film his sequences for the film in March of 2016 and gave Beat reporters a funny anecdote about the first time he read the script.

“All I’m going to tell you is that they sent me the script to read on a tablet,” he said. “Some guy knocks at my door and he stands there and goes, “I’m supposed to wait here until you finish reading the script. I’m gonna sit in my car, when you’re done I’ll be outside.” The guy is watching my house. Now I sit down, and I’m really a slow reader. I start reading the thing, you know, there’s names, R Two 27, he says “Beep beep beep…” and I’m getting all confused. So I put it down, and I go get the phone, and I’m talking, and then I go back to the script. I forgot this guy was [waiting]. He sat there until like 7 o’clock at night. And I gave him the tablet back.”

Known for his dark, broody characters in sometimes violent movies, Del Toro said he was happy to finally work on a movie: “I’m going to be able to see with my daughter.”

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