On a Saturday evening at Belvedere Skate Park, groups of youth are scattered across the skate park. A group of three kids are being yelled at to get out of the way. While five young adults are sitting exhausted and full of sweat, one of them even with their shirt off, they all share the same water jug to keep them cooled down. On the opposite side of the park, three teenagers watch their friend drop in and attempt the same trick over and over. 

To Chase Norman, a 17-year old who’s been skating for two years, skating gives him peace of mind and freedom. Norman often visits Belvedere skatepark and represents a group of skaters who not only skate for fun but to find peace and tranquility. 


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Ethan Fernandez

Ethan Fernandez is a sophomore at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School. He enjoys photography, music, and writing. He hopes to attend a four-year university in the future. He is determined to pursue...

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