Yet another violent death shattered the peace in Boyle Heights early this morning, when Los Angeles police officers opened fire after responding to 911 calls about gunfire in the 2500 block of Houston Street.

“Officers responded to the location and heard shots fired,” said Rosario Herrera, police officer. “They were directed to the back of the house; police saw a man with the gun, and an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

The armed suspect, whose name was not released, was described to be between the ages of 25 to 30.

ABC7 News interviewed Boyle Heights resident Erica Fausto about the early morning firefight. She said her cousin’s husband is the man shot and killed by police. No officers or neighbors were injured in the confrontation.

Fausto told ABC7 that the armed suspect was shooting a rifle and may have injured himself before police arrived.

Officials were unable to identify what triggered the man to shoot his riffle erratically, but they said they will continue with the investigation to determine the exact details, said Herrera.

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